Friday, February 1, 2013

William Ari Freind

Well he is only 6 months old now but I apologise for being rather neglectful on the blog front. It's been an interesting yet challenging yet joyous 6 months.
William's birth was smooth (hard but smooth) and the transition home seemed easy and relatively fuss free. When he was 6 weeks old I herniated a disc in my lower back, this was in turn pressing on my sciatic nerve and making life very painful and difficult. After many visits to the Osteo, CT scans, heat packs, tears, a few tantrums and lying on my back for extended periods I am now on the mend - cannot tell you how good that feels! Other news is we sold our house and move to Mansfield in 3 weeks as well as having my youngest sisters wedding two days before settlement. An exciting yet rather crazy time. All in all a lot has happened in 6 months really.
My little boy is beyond gorgeous, so smiley and a general delight!! Here's to the next 6 months!!!
We love you William!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Lovely nursery inspiration

Here are some other beautiful nurseries I have stumbled across whilst trying to get ours up to scratch. Beautiful rooms indeed! And how precious is the photo of mum and bub. Might have to try this one with my little one.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

A room fit for a Freind

After having no Internet for a few days I have put the pics up of the nursery as promised. I am pretty happy with the final look. We decorated the room at minimal cost which makes it even more satisfying.

 The room BEFORE. Pretty much a junk room.

The room AFTER...

Rocking chair - From my Nan and Pop. I recovered the cushions. Material $12
Bassinet -  Garage sale $10 mattress and linen included
Change table - Drawers $10 Op shop, I had the white paint, change mat $8
Paint - 'Cotton grey' $30
Carpet - Second hand woolen and laid $165

Other accessories I either already had, got given as a gift or just bought for a good price along the way.

Enjoy x

Monday, July 16, 2012

Hanging in there

Well tomorrow makes me 39 weeks pregnant. I had the most beautiful baby shower last Sunday and have had heaps of fun sorting out all the amazing gifts I received from wonderful friends and setting up the nursery a bit more. I think I can now officially say the room is ready for a baby to live in there.

I am really trying to enjoy these last days before the baby arrives...trying to relax, sleep, catch up on television series etc. But I think I am at the point now where I just wanna meet our little man!
I don't feel like doing crafty things or getting out and planting winter veggies in the garden. I thought I could occupy myself with all these activities while on maternity leave but now I have no interest in doing any of them.

I have been eating a lot more in these last few weeks and just feel very lazy in general. Going to bed is a dreaded activity due to aching body parts, restless leg syndrome, general uncomfortableness and feeling very hot and restless. Poor Brad is so sweet for putting up with it all so graciously. He said last night I snored all night long but he didn't want to wake me in fear of me not being able to get back to sleep again. So he slept terribly and I snored the night away (mind you I have never been a snorer)

Anyway all these signals must just mean that baby Freind is coming soon. So I'm just trying to enjoy and not wish the days away until his arrival. I plan to walk to the library today so that will be a nice activity for Monday.

I will attempt to get the motivation to put up some nursery pics for you soon. But for now I am off for a walk as apparently its one of the many ways to naturally induce labor.


Fabulous day!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A date with Mr sewing machine

It's been a really long time since me and my sewing machine have touched base. I thought it was about time we caught up. It was a Thursday evening, Brad was out and nothing appealed to me on tv and to my surprise I had a surge of creative motivation to sew. I had been saving all my projects for maternity leave but my sudden increase in energy shocked me into action.

I hope this creative surge continues, I have a few more projects pre baby.

I got this rocking chair from my Nan and Pop and it looks much better now i have covered the cushions in a friendly grey/blue fabric to give it a bit of a freshen up.

A tea towel my sis bought me back from London is now a colorful cushion.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Hibernation is over

Well well well...look who has come out of hiding! It's me. I have mustered up the motivation to get back into blogging. Life has eased off a lot and I feel ready to embark back into the world of 'Friendly Sparrow' Well If you're there - hello! I am now 32 weeks pregnant and I feel as I'll be home a lot more in the next little bit, on maternity leave (in 2 weeks) and then when bubs comes along, I thought the time perfect to be able to share news and inspiration with others.

I finish work in 2 weeks (Yes!) and then have a mega list of things to get done pre baby. So I am hoping my energy levels sustain me.

The' to be' nursery is a junk room and there is lots to be done but I am excited about the next 8 weeks of prep and anticipation before we welcome our little boy into the world.

Here is (not the best) pic of me at 30 weeks preg. I am pretending to read a pregnancy mag. My sister is doing a collage of my progress through pregnancy so I will post it when it is all complete. 

Not long to go now!

Have spent today spring cleaning ( In this horrid Autumn weather) time now to sit and have a cuppa.

E x 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sometimes you just require it...

Brad and I took a week off and headed down to a spot along Lake Eildon for a fantastic and relaxing get away. Some times you just require a week away. It does the mind wonders to take a step back and see things from a new perspective. The weather has been magical and I'm so grateful for this week away.